Hi, I’m Sharon

Welcome to 15minutesofgreen.com. Gardening blog? Lifestyle challenge? Nature appreciation website?

All of the above.

Sharon de Botte, Publisher of 15minutesofgreen.comThe problem
I spend too much time sitting at a desk. At the end of my working day, I often move straight to car or couch with barely a step in between. Sound familiar?

The challenge
15 minutes of green … every day. That’s 15(+) minutes working in my garden or out and about exploring a new green space; appreciating nature, developing new skills and learning more about plants and wildlife.

Sounds easy? Well, I challenge you too! Join me on Twitter @15greenmins and let me and others know how you’ve spent your 15 minutes of green today.

The benefits
A commitment to 15 minutes of green every day means fresh air and exercise that you’re not getting at the moment, plus so much more:

  • Watch your garden flourish
    15 minutes of weeding, strimming or pruning each day adds up to more than 90 hours of gardening a year.
  • Discover more about your neighbourhood
    Have you ever wondered where that footpath goes? Now is the time to find out.
  • Broaden your knowledge of the natural world
    Do you know your ash from your elm, or your mistle from your song (thrush)?
  • Learn new skills
    Collect seeds, take cuttings, get back on a bike … I’m planning to give it a go. What will you try your hand at?
  • Feel happier and healthier
    Being outside makes you feel good … top up on some extra sunlight (vitamin D!), fresh air and physical activity. Get your body moving, de-stress and increase your concentration.

The aim(s)
Personally, I want to sit less, move more; enjoy some extra fresh air and sunlight; knock my garden into shape; and discover more about the green spaces around me. What are yours?

Just the start
You can do anything for 15 minutes, so I hope you will accept the challenge. Please let me know how you spend your 15 minutes of green. Leave a comment here, or join me on Twitter @15greenmins

Now, get out and grow!


  1. Love the site…great idea!

  2. Great site Sharon you have a new follower…..
    Grandad the Grey

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