Simply …

Simply November sunshine

November sunshine

It’s been a challenging week. I’ve not felt well, work has been hectic, and the rain and wind have been battering the garden in equal measure. But this morning ‘the sun came out and dried up all the rain, and incy wincy spider’ … well, there are plenty of those about. So my 15 minutes of green today didn’t involve weeding or pruning, walking or cycling, it was simply … 15 minutes of green.

15 minutes of green, revelling in the mirror stillness of the pond, the warmth of the sunshine, the vibrant hues of leaves of varying shapes and shades, melodious birdsong, a small tortoiseshell on the wing, blue tits flitting between bird table and nuts.

Wendy the wren


And then, an added bonus, the distinctive secretive scurrying of a wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) as it searched among the rocks around the pond for insects and spiders. What a fabulous little bird. Dumpy yet delicate.

So, for 15 minutes, forget the head cold, and the mountain of work waiting for me on my PC … what a perfect morning.


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