Autumn triumph

It’s been a pretty wet autumn so far. Actually, that’s an understatement, the garden is not just rehydrated, it’s sodden. Yet it is also glorious.

Even on a wet, grey day my garden is resplendent with autumnal colour

Even through the rainfall and under the darkest of grey clouds the rich colours of the season are making their mark. In the borders, the deepening magenta hues of repeating Sedums are linked by sunny yellow accents of Rudbeckia and Achillea, while the flourishing lilac tips of Verbena bonariensis, swaying discretely above neighbouring perennials, look almost fluorescent in the dull light of another cloudy day.

Accents of autumnal colour in the perennial border

In dark shadows under trees, vibrant Pyracantha berries and the marbled leaves of Pulmonaria vie for attention …

Pyracantha and Pulmonaria brighten up shady areas

… while patio pots of summer displays still brimming with Begonia ‘Glowing Embers’ and neon-pink Impatiens (busy lizzies) compete for the title of ‘Best in Show’.

Begonia ‘Glowing Embers’ and neon-pink Impatiens

It may be wet and windy out there, but my garden is still giving its all. When the rain finally abates the pre-Winter rejig and tidy up will begin, but until then I’m enjoying everything my garden has to offer this autumn.

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