March – choosing the right Mahonia for your garden
February – love letter to the garden on a grey Valentine’s Day;


March – removing old leaves from hellebores
February – planting snowdrops in the green
January – how to chase the January blues away; planting spring bulbs in January – can you?


December – protecting plants from frost; poinsettia care, end of year review
November – what to do with your autumn leaves; where bumblebees go in winter
March – tidying the Spring garden
February – February jobs; planning and preparing for spring (February checklist); how to prune autumn-fruiting raspberries; buying seeds


May – dividing ornamental grasses
April – what to plant under a North-facing hedge
March – springtime tidy up; the lasting effects of Lockdown, 1 year later; early indoor sowings
February – apple tree burr knots (or crown galls?)
January – 15 minutes of green new year resolution; 30 tulip bulbs planted in 15 minutes; clearing soggy foliage from perennial crowns; vegetable bed preparation


December – outdoor cyclamen care; Christmas scarecrows
April – deadheading daffodils; the joy of tulips; mulching
March – pruning Buddleja davidii; tidying the shed
February – tackling bittercress weeds; early blooms; rainy day jobs
January – planting tulip bulbs


October – autumnal colour in the garden
June – planting summer bedding plants


September – deadheading Dahlias; must-have Sedum
June – Kinver open gardens
April –pruning autumn-fruiting raspberries; favourite April plants; planting out plug plants
March – tidying pansies; fruit tree pruning; snow jobs


August – wasps
May – hedgehogs
April – chopping, shredding and mulching herbaceous borders

February – snowdrops

January – enjoying the frost; courgette ‘crisis’


November – leave the herbaceous borders alone
October – tackling pear rust; autumn cuttings
September – beetroot recipes
August – 15-minute gardening to avoid back pain
July – taking time to enjoy the garden
March – sparrowhawk vs jackdaw
January – north Cornwall walks


November – plants that flower until frost
September – first microadventure
July – growing marigolds
June – tomatoes in baskets; hedgehog sightings; Magna Carta celebrations; the May garden
May – planting potatoes; seed sowing frenzy; Bolton Abbey walk
April – Costa Rica; the April garden
March – sowing lupins; garden bird activity
February – winter fruit care; potting dahlias; chitting potatoes; nest boxes
January – more Exmoor rambles; leaf mould; buying seeds; The Big Garden Birdwatch


December – tidying the borders; touring Exmoor; feeding fish in winter; wet weather jobs
November – bulbs in pots; nature reserves; stem cuttings; compost; moving established shrubs
October – lunchtime walks; bike rides; tweets


  1. Great idea, Sharon! I admire your energy – anything that gets you away from your desk and out into the green has to be A Good Thing!
    My first lot of green this weekend was a lovely walk along the canal near Kidlington (north Oxford) up to Thrupp, where there is a cosy tea shop. After being cooped up with tonsilitis, it was lovely to be out on a bright fresh day. On Sunday I planted some bulbs I found sprouting in a bag – they may not grow, but thought I may as well chuck them in. My first spade full of soil exposed some tulip shoots though, so hope I didn’t upset them! Whilst pottering around for a suitable location I found that many of my herbaceous perennials have little shoots emerging between the dead leaves. How exciting is that! Spring is coming! It’s nice to think about that today as the wind howls and the rain lashes at the window.

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