Odiham ChristmasCrows

The villagers of Odiham and North Warnborough in North East Hampshire (where I am fortunate to live) raised spirits this festive season with a ChristmasCrow competition. Over 70 Christmas-themed creations popped up in all sorts of locations around the two villages – elves on doorsteps, fairies in trees and Santas on window ledges.

It’s been a pretty grim year, so it was a real treat to see so much good humour and creativity on display.

Elf and safety

Elves were particularly popular, appearing in doorways and trees, outside the pub and even at the cricket club.

Christmas elf scarecrows
Have your-elf a very Merry Christmas

An elf even popped up in someone’s window, playing a piano and winning the ‘Most imaginative’ award.

Sir Elfton John
Sir Elfton John

Be an angel …

It was lovely to see the nativity represented.

Angel and shepherd scarecrows
(Top left) the Angel Gabriel came down to earth after a storm, while (top right) the Angel of the Wharf won ‘Best in Show’. I particularly loved the smiley nativity shepherd

Rebels without a Claus

A sleigh-load of Santas graced us with their presents (sorry, the puns are getting worse!).

Santa scarecrows
Santas appeared in all sorts of compromising positions: stuck in chimneys, astride porches, perched on window ledges, hovering in yoga positions and hanging from tinsel swings. ‘Twas a Bum Year 2020’ won the ‘Funniest’ category.

The Santa perched on the window ledge above even provided us with this year’s naughty-or-nice list.

Naughty or nice list 2020
No surprises who made the naughty list in 2020

Cool dudes

None of these snowmen got a frosty reception.

Snowmen scarecrows

And snow much more

There were gingerbread families …

Gingerbread family

… and gingerbread men.

Gingerbread man

Grinches …

Grinch scarecrows

… and fairies and soldiers and Christmas tree elves and … dinosaurs??

Even Boris and The Queen got a look in.

Boris Johnson and The Queen scarecrows

My top 3

To be honest, they were all brilliant, but I thought the following entries were particularly creative/clever.

My Number 3

Strictly Santa
Strictly Santa – well done Bill !!

My Number 2

Covid Santa
Covid Santa -– a bit scary at first, but as with his namesake we got used to him hanging around.

And my winner …

Rudolph scarecrow
Rudolph in a tux – the ultimate cool ChristmasCrow

Thank you to everyone in Odiham and North Warnborough who put a smile on our faces this month!