A tidy shed

I’m not a naturally tidy person (understatement) and last year the shed became a dumping ground for, well, for everything.

My potting bench had disappeared under a jumbled pile of (dirty) plastic pots and trays and the floor was an assault course of half-used compost bags, discarded horticultural fleece, terracotta pots stored out of the frost and a depressing carpet of mud clods and matted grass.

An untidy shed
Last year’s clutter – and this picture was taken half an hour after I started tidying!

The clutter and chaos was putting me off starting my sowing, so this weekend I couldn’t ignore it any longer. First, I organised the plastic pots by size and stowed them away in trays under the bench. I then cleared a winter’s worth of cobwebs from the windows.

After consolidating the random bags of compost and potting grit and neatly hanging my tools on the many hooks on the walls (courtesy of my organised husband!), I brushed the debris from the potting bench and swept the floor.

I revealed a space that I’m now looking forward to working in and in which I’ll be able to find what I need when I need it (I even found a bag of seed compost that I didn’t know I had!).

Tidy potting bench
Everything back in its rightful place

I’m resolved to keep it tidy this year. But then, I think I said that last year too. I promise I’ll try !!


  1. A dumping ground is the only way to describe our shed! I’ve given up trying to keep it clear – for as soon as I’ve created space my dear other half sees it as an extra space that needs to be filled.

    Yours looks very organised and quite spacious – I hope you can maintain that as we get into the busy gardening season. 😁

    • 🤣 We’re the other way around. My other half is the tidy, organised one. I like to think of my messiness as creative genius, but who am I kidding?! I’m going to try to keep it tidy this year, but I fear my inner clutter bug will prevail. btw, I love your website – very classy!

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