First-time leaf cuttings

According to those in the know, the best time to take leaf cuttings from marguerites (Argyranthemum) is mid-spring to summer … so, I’m a bit late! But seeing as there are still some decent-looking shoots on my one patio specimen I thought I’d give it a go before the first frosts hit. Here’s how I got on …

Argyranthemum leaf cutting - select a strong shoot
Select a strong shoot, and cut straight below a leaf joint
Argyranthemum leaf cutting remove lower leaves
Remove leaves from the lower third of the cutting
Argyranthemum leaf cutting - dip in rooting powder
Dip in water, then into rooting powder
Argyranthemum leaf cuttings
Plant immediately, spacing the cuttings so the leaves do not touch

The cuttings are now residing in my mini-greenhouse, so there should be enough humidity to stop the leaves drying up too quickly.

I’ve never taken leaf cuttings before, so this is a bit of an experiment for me. Please feel free to leave your comments – all constructive advice is most welcome!

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